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Jiminy Cricket

Nature is amazing. Sometime it feels like nature is working against you, like when it rains all summer long and your tomatoes don’t ripen. Other times, though, she does you a favour. Read more

Breaking the Rules

I’ve never been good at sticking to the rules. Maybe I have a rebellious streak or maybe I simply have a logical mind and just can’t bring myself to slavishly follow rules I find to be arbitrary. And a lot of them seem to be arbitrary! Read more

How to Sprout Lentils (and other Legumes)

I get frustrated when I see simple things made complicated, especially when the complication is added in order to sell gadgets. Overpriced, unnecessary gadgets. Sprouting lentils, and indeed most legumes, is really easy and requires nothing more than an empty jar and a bit of patience. Read more

Alive & Kicking

Well, I made it. Sydney and back in two weeks. In the past when I’ve travelled to Australia I’ve gone for at least 4 weeks to allow for recovery from the long flight. This time, however, I was squeezing the trip between weedings in the garden and couldn’t afford to take longer than two weeks Read more