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A Little Spring Planting

I am exhausted. Totally and utterly exhausted. But in a good way. My legs are wobbling like jelly and my arms feel like they’re about to fall off. My forehead is covered with little streaks of clay from where I brushed my hair back from my face. Freckles are beginning to appear on my nose, reaffirming my Celtic heritage. Read more

Friday Favourites

Spring has truly sprung here in Lithuania over the past week. The weather has been warm and sunny and there has been an explosion of growth. The fruit trees have blossomed and the bees are buzzing busily gathering nectar for delicious honey. Dandelions have shot up and are providing a welcome feast for my girls. If only they would produce an egg I know they would have the most golden yolks imaginable. Read more

On Top

This is one of my favourite photos from our trip around Europe. Taken in Peneda-Gerês National Park in northern Portugal, it captures Arūnas taking a coffee break on top of a small stone shack. Close to the top of the mountain, the vistas surrounding us were superb. The photo completely captures the joy of camper van life – you can take your coffee break wherever you like! Read more

Life’s Simple Pleasures

There is nothing in the world I like better than gathering around a big table with friends to eat food. If that table happens to be outside in a sunny day, all the better. So it was on Easter Sunday that we spent the afternoon on our friend’s porch, eating wonderful food, sipping cool white wine, chatting, laughing and enjoying life. Read more

Friday Favourites

It’s been a tough ole week. I have concluded that if our marriage can survive these renovations it can survive anything! On the plus side, things are moving quickly. The piping was laid for the under-floor heating & the concrete floors poured. The upstairs insulation is almost complete & work on the lights is underway. And we managed a trip to IKEA to pick out our new kitchen – utter heaven for a girl who loves to cook. Read more


The Monument aux Mort (War Memorial) in Marseille, France. The inscription reads “Aux Heros de l’Armée d’Orient et des Terres Lointaines” – “For the Heros from the (French) Army of the East and from Distant Lands”. About 36,000 of these memorials were erected around France shortly after World War 1. This one opened on April 24th 1927. Read more

Friday Favourites

I can’t believe how quickly the week has flown by – it only seems like yesterday that I posted the last set of Friday Favourites. It’s a beautiful Spring day here – clear blue skies with just a hint of bite in the air. The weekend promises something similar, so hopefully I’ll get started on planting out my seedlings. We’re also hoping to build a greenhouse using the old windows from the house. Busy, busy. Read more

Lithuanian Koldūnai | Meat Dumplings [Recipe]

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In my case, this was particularly true. In the early days of our relationship I remember plying my man with rich stews of lamb shanks in red wine sauce served with super-creamy mashed potato, mixed seafood platters served on a lazy Susan with a big bowl of chips and a selection of dipping sauces set in the middle and regular full Irish breakfasts. He still jokes about how he could hear the “chitzzz” of a fresh beer being opened as soon as he set an empty bottle down on the table. Read more


This is the Nemunas river on the Lithuanian-Russian (Kaliningrad) border. Kaliningrad is Russia’s most westerly outpost. Given the USA’s reaction to Russia’s involvement in Crimea, military activity has been ramping up on the Russian side of this border. It seemed utterly peaceful and idyllic on our side. We fished, enjoyed a picnic, played games and had a glorious Sunday afternoon. Read more

Project House: Update

A lot has happened since I first launched Project: House back in January and I realise it’s time I gave you an update. Read more

Friday Favourites

It’s been a busy week here with getting our new cock settled, patiently waiting for that first egg from our girls (which has not yet materialised) and making some key decisions on our house design. I’ve somehow managed to keep up with my reading. There was lots of interesting stuff on the net this week. Did any of you get duped by an April Fool’s joke? I know I did! Read more

Street Life

A street performer in Sydney, Australia. He had incredible strength and agility as well as being an engaging character. Read more