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Goldfinch, Lithuania |

Capturing birds is not easy, especially in the late evening when they are busy feeding. They hover, they flap and flutter, they swoop and dive, they peck, they look around in rapid jerks, constantly on alert for predators or provisions. They are never still.

This photo was one of many I took of goldfinches on one particular evening. Most were a blur of wings and swaying grasses. This one, however, turned out rather nice!

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Goldfinch, Lithuania |

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  1. What a sweetie! You can actually see the intense concentration on his little face as he pecks heartily at the seed pods!

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    June 23, 2017
    • They were a joy to watch, Osyth. It was such a gorgeous evening and the field itself was beautiful, I just sat there for ages watching them. Getting a nice photo out of it was a bonus!

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      June 23, 2017
  2. Dalia Smith #

    June, I love your blogs and the insights you share about nature, everyday life, etc.. I got your book of recipes and tried the half-sour pickles. The first time I snipped off the ends (like my mother used to do, and instead of fermenting they simply rotted from inside out). So disappointing. I tried it a second time, again snipping off the ends. And again, they rotted (when you use the same technique that failed the first time, don’t expect different result the second time, right?) Finally, I made a batch without snipping off the ends, and they turned out PERFECT!! My non-Lithuanian husband loves them, my grandkids love them, and I love them too. Now I am teaching my younger generation how to make these, and I hope they will remember me for it. By the way: I use dill only. I am crazy in love with dill, and I don’t want any other flavors to compete with that fresh, green, tantalizing dill flavor.

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    June 23, 2017
    • Hi Dalia. Thanks for your lovely comment. Sometimes the smallest things can make such a difference when you’re cooking! I’m so happy your pickles are turning out the way you want them now. I also love that you’re passing the tradition on to new generations. Happy pickling! June.


      June 23, 2017

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