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Posts tagged ‘honey’

A hive for the honey bee

“Ouch, I’ve been stung”, I said, looking down to see a bee stuck to the leg of my corduroy jeans. “Ouch, I’ve been stung”, my friend’s younger brother mirrored behind me. “There’s no need to mock”, I said, before feeling another sharp prick, this time on the back of my hand. It was only then that I heard the low hum of the hive and realised that we were completely surrounded by bees. Read more

Friday Favourites

Spring has truly sprung here in Lithuania over the past week. The weather has been warm and sunny and there has been an explosion of growth. The fruit trees have blossomed and the bees are buzzing busily gathering nectar for delicious honey. Dandelions have shot up and are providing a welcome feast for my girls. If only they would produce an egg I know they would have the most golden yolks imaginable. Read more