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Friday Favourites

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I’ve always loved Fridays. From early morning there is a sense of joy at the impending weekend. By lunchtime you know the worst is behind you and by mid-afternoon you are really starting to unwind. Back when I had an office job, Friday was usually the only day when I could take my afternoon coffee break uninterrupted. I might even get to write a few personal emails or to catch up on social media. Finally a little “me” time.

In what I hope will become a regular feature, I’d like to share some of the more interesting blog posts, articles or books I come across during my weekly reading. Make yourself a cup of coffee, kick back and let the weekend begin!

  1. I very much enjoyed this article in The Guardian and this follow-up article from the head of the British Heart Foundation. These things are never simple.
  2. This week saw the launch of a new book by one of my favourite food bloggers, Sophie Hansen. The book itself looks absolutely beautiful, full of Sophie’s trademark country life & rustic food photography. I very much look forward to getting my hands on a copy.
  3. The Washington Post ran an article about a girl who had quit her job and was planning to travel the world exploring food from a farming perspective. Sounded a bit familiar!
  4. I finished this book, one of the most entertaining and interesting books I’ve encountered in quite a while. I got the audio version, read by Rayner himself in his inimitable style. I thought I would quarrel with some of his theories but it all made a remarkable amount of sense. Highly, highly recommended.
  5. I fell in love with these painted Easter Eggs. Painting eggs for Easter is very popular in Lithuania so I hope to be trying out some of these over the coming weeks. (I just need my little girlies to lay me an egg!)


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  1. paddyhalligan #

    Nice post, June. Looking forward to the weekend too (after seven days work on the trot).

    Love the idea of a Friday “column”, it’s a good way to spread other deserving articles.



    March 28, 2014
    • Thanks Paddy! Enjoy your well-earned break!


      March 28, 2014
  2. Oh yes, I love Fridays too 🙂 If your girlies lays some eggs for you, I’m definitely looking forward to pictures of your Easter eggs. I’ve tried the recipe with silk, and while eggs don’t necessarily get that perfect, they sure look great. Though since this method has become quite a hit in recent years, it is hard to come by some cheap – read second-hand – silk material around Easter time 😉 The next traditional and probably the easiest of them all recipe is with onion peels – fast, simple, and one always has some onions around to get some peelings off for the job 🙂 Have a great weekend, June!


    March 28, 2014
    • Thanks Asta! I have some onion peel and some beetroot at the ready in case I can’t find any silk!


      March 28, 2014
  3. I love Fridays, too! I know the weekend’s here!!


    March 28, 2014

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