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(Fun) Friday Favourites

Curious Chicken |

I’m in a funny humour. It could be the alignment of the planets, perhaps residual giddiness from finding my first eggs in the chicken coop this week, maybe even Eurovision madness. Who the heck knows. But everything I read seems to be amusing me. I’m ok with that. I like to be amused! I guess most of us do, especially on Fridays, after a long, hard week. So, just for fun, this week I thought I’d bring you a selection of some of the more humourous links I came across during the week. I hope they brighten up your day!

  1. Dick soup, anyone? (Bet that got your attention!) I kid you not! I tittered like a teenager all through this James Beard Award-winning piece.
  2. I enjoyed this article from Conor Pope in the Irish Times. Conor’s slightly caustic view of the world tends to amuse me. Bewley’s coffee seems to have come a long way since I worked there in the 90s. At that time the coffee was prepared in huge vats and had an unpleasant burnt, acrid taste. I’m delighted to see they are now paying so much attention to their coffee preparation.
  3. Nothing whatsoever to do with food, but this post from a fellow “Country Life” blogger really tickled me. Marriages are the same all over the world!
  4. Following a Twitter debate on the best food for your chickens, a fellow food blogger send me this video on chicken food-stealing and bossiness. Love it!
  5. This product roundup amused me because of its absurdity. While there are items at the lower end of the price-range, paying $150 for a cheese board (without any cheese!) seems crazy to me. I could eat well for a few weeks on that budget. And I reckon I’m in the wrong business if you can charge $54 for a one-inch thick slice of tree-trunk. (Come to think of it, Lithuania is full of trees. Maybe this is the business idea I’ve been waiting for!)


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  1. Plenty of trees here too – we should team up 😉 Arunas can take care of the chickens!

    Liked by 1 person

    May 9, 2014
    • Money for old rope I reckon, Linda! But maybe we should stay and “mind the chickens” (read “eat doughnuts or pavlova and drink wine”) and send Arūnas off to cut the trees?! 😉


      May 9, 2014
      • And “take calls”. We could “take the calls”… 🙂 (Or tell him that!)

        Liked by 1 person

        May 9, 2014
      • Indeed. “Manage the business end”, as it were!


        May 9, 2014

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