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Klaipeda Beach, Lithuania |

Sometimes you just need to get away on your own, to stare far into the distance, listening to the lapping of water and the chatter of seagulls. I grew up within sight of the sea and I am still drawn to the beach when I need some time alone.

A while back I drove to the beach in Klaipėda, getting there just as the sun was setting. It was mid Autumn, so it was a little chilly and the beach was not busy. I found a quiet spot in the dunes and sat for a while, watching people walking by in twos and threes, but often alone. Others, who like me, just needed a little solitude.

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Klaipeda Beach, Lithuania |

Klaipeda Beach, Lithuania |

Klaipeda Beach, Lithuania |

Klaipeda Beach, Lithuania |

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  1. Love the stillness of the moments in your photos

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    February 18, 2017

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